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Chhatariya Firetech Industries is a registered fire protection equipment supplier, supplying a wide variety of products for all of your firefighting needs. Our team works around the clock to guarantee your satisfaction and is available to help you make the best product decisions for whatever sort of budget you may be working with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and learn more.

Flexiline Fire Hose

The No Maintenance Hose from Chhatariya

Flexiline hoses are made from an all synthetic jacket, totally encapsulated in a synthetic rubber blend to form a high quality, unified lining and cover, resulting in a compact unity by pillar adhesion. 

- Completely resistant to oil, ozone and acids.

- Rolls with a small coil diameter

Magmex Fire Hose

Magmex Plus Fire Hose

Outer jacket woven with high tenacity synthetic yarn on fully automated circular weaving looms. 

- Resistance to sea-water and ozone

- Resistance to mildew and fungus

- High pressure ratings

- Flexible, compact and easy to clean

- Temperature range from -40°C to 100°C

Circularly woven jacket with coated with specifically formulated Elastomeric RED coating for protection against abrasion, mild chemicals and heat. 

- Flexible, compact with small coil diameter

- Resistance to fungus, rot and mildew

- High burst and Kink pressure ratings

Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses

Aqualine Fire Hose

The Newest Revolution in  EPDM Lined Hoses

Aqualine fire hoses are fully synthetic high tenacity jacket to withstand repeated pressure surges. 100% synthetic construction having resistance to sea-water and ozone.

- Resistance to hot climatic conditions, fungus and rot

- Flexible, Compact and Easy to clean

CRC RRL Fire Hose

The Original RRL Hose

The CRC Reinforced Rubber Line (RRL) is an ISI marked product that is the popular choice for several experienced firefighters dues to its superior advantages.

- Excellent Heat Resistant Properties

- Strong Inner Hose with the ability to withstand extreme      conditions.

Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses


The CRC Controlled Percolating (CP) Hose is a unique construction to ensure continuous oozing of water all around the jacket in a controlled manner whilst the built up pressure inside the hose is not lost. 

- Cotton Synthetic Fibre

- Ultra Thin Lining 

- Circularly Woven Jacketed 

CRC Extocoat Fire Hose

CRC-Extocoat Extra is a very versatile hose, lined with synthetic rubber compound with excellent aging property. A jacket made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn for excellent protection. 

- Circularly woven jacketed

- 100% Synthetic Rubber Limited (RRL) 

- Elastomeric outer coating 

- High abrasion resistant 

- Outstanding adhesion 

Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses

C-Jet Fire Hose

C-Jet fire hose, an all synthetic jacket, totally encapsulated in a synthetic rubber blend to form a high quality, unified lining and cover, for better abrasion and heat resistance.

- For heavy duty purposes

- Replaces four layered hoses

- Compatible to multi-stage water pumps 

- Inert basic materials used for protection against corrosions

Infernex Fire Hose

Infernex fire hoses are specially developed at par with international quality for new generation fire fighting operations. EPDM rubber lined having very good tensile strength and curving characteristics for more durability.

- All synthetic hose: easy drying, no fungus

- Flexible but robust hose

- High ozone, kink and abrasion resistance

Fire Hoses
Fire Hoses

Flexiline Large Fire Hose

Flexline large is extremely flexible and can be rolled in a small coil notwithstanding the large diameter. 100% synthetic totally encapsulated inert synthetic rubber construction. 

- Reinforced with high quality synthetic yarn

- Suitable for use with large monitors

- Excellent resistance to heat, oil and greases


Technical Specifications:

Type: Instantaneous 

Size: 63mm and 70mm

Design and Dimensions: IS 903

Material of Construction:

Body: GM/SS 304/ SS 316/ Aluminium 

Markings: ISI (Bureau of Indian Standards) 

Fire Hoses

Short Branchpipe

Inlet Connections:

2 1/2 Male Instantaneous 

Outlet: Solid Jet Nozzle 

Material: Stainless Steel 

(SS 304 and SS 316)

Gunmetal, Aluminium Alloy

Operating Pressure: 150 PSI

Fire Hoses

Landing Valve

Body: Gunmetal/ Stainless Steel

Hand Wheel: Grey Cast Iron

Inlet: Flanged pr BSP/ NPT Threaded

Outlet: Female Instantaneous or Male BSP/NH Threaded

Working Pressure: 150 PSI

Seat Test: 240 PSI

Body Test: 435 PSI 

Fire Hoses

Hose Reel Drum

- Slide plate powder painted. Red finish. 

- Threaded inlet connection. 

- Outlet connection for hose can be rotated in left and right direction. 

- Waterways made from non-ferrous metals which ensure longer life and durability. 

- Working pressure 15 bar. Test pressure 20 bar. 

Fire Hoses

Fire Hose Box

Single Door: Accommodating one 15 metre hose bound with couplings and a nozzle. 

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 200mm

Double Door: Accommodating two 15 metre hose bound with couplings and a nozzle. 

Dimensions:  750mm x 600mm x 250mm

Fire Hoses